It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas…..With a Toddler.

Christmas time as parents can be so thrilling! The kids ooh-ing and aah-ing over the pretty lights on the tree, all the handmade ornaments they remember making the year before, and the promise of the tree-skirt slowly disappearing as the presents start to pile up in the weeks and days prior to Christmas morning.

But there is one aspect that seems to be forgotten, or at least hushed, amid all the festive excitement. And that is that the Christmas tree is a brand new playground. There are all kinds of new “toys” to play with, and they are just conveniently hanging out in the open for anyone to snatch or inspect. I won’t sugar coat that I have a hard time keeping my almost 6 year old out of the tree, but toddlers are a whole other level of struggle with keeping the tree in one piece.

Here is a texting conversation that took place between myself and Challice over my toddler and our Christmas tree this year.
I sent her this picture:

These are the ornaments I found IN the tree.

So, I had done one of those cute little Pintrest project felt Christmas trees, with all kinds of cute little felt ornaments that would self stick to the tree for endless designs. My older two love it, especially since they helped make it. I made it partially as a fun, interactive holiday decoration, but also as a fun, interactive decoration that would keep the toddler out of the real tree.

HA! Both trees are fun to play with, apparently.

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