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Hi all! My name is Rachel. I’m a homeschooling mom of three boys and am married to my high school sweetheart. We live in the desert of Southern California.

I like crafty stuff. Mostly I crochet but I’ve also done some sewing and have started dabbling in quilting. I enjoy being able to do crafty things with my kids too. In my spare time, (HAHAHAHAHA) I’ve become a bit of a book nerd recently, letting a lot of my free time be filled with reading instead of crafting, even though my project list is long. I also enjoy listening to the rain (infrequent as it may be in the desert), strolling the beach (on the rare occasions we go to a beach), chatting with friends at Bible study and girl’s night, and snuggling with my menfolk. 

My mom-life has been different than I expected it to be. I love all the giggles and games, cuddles and reading books, tickles and moments of complete sweetness that catch you off guard. I did not, however, picture myself cleaning poop off the walls, picking up 3-6 decks worth of playing cards (500 card pick-up anyone?) once or twice a day for a whole week, or seemingly having the primary purpose of merely being a referee to the selfish squabbles that roar through the house multiple times every day. So often I feel like I’m inadequate, or doing the wrong thing, or that I can’t possibly be doing enough. Challice is a rock star! She homeschools, blogs, reads, crafts, cooks for an elderly couple, all amid regular life and all with such grace and generosity. While she may admit she’s as run down as myself, I am always so inspired by her constant giving of herself. 

Mom-life is hard, and sometimes you just need to know that someone else out there is going through or feeling the same thing you are. Because despite all those times we want to pull our hair out, those moments of complete sweetness are completely worth it! 

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