Happy Mother’s Day From Both of Our Authors.

Mommy is Mumbling with Brownies Again

“Don’t talk with your mouth full!” You know we’ve all said this to each of our kids like a million times. When is it actually going to stick? LOL! Probably doesn’t help that we often need to conceal the food in our own mouths as we try to instill such sage advice on our children. Why do we do this? Well, obviously we can’t have them become grown ups with half masticated food dribbling out of their mouths while trying to talk with friends, or, heaven forbid, while they might be trying to impress a future spouse! Good manners can be such pesky things! And clearly we moms are just killjoys when it comes to rules about what spews out of their mouth, besides the waterfall of words that our little darlings are so capable of in such a short amount of time.

So in honor of Mother’s Day, let’s all snag some down time that we’ve so laboriously earned. Que the best friend, a plate of huge brownies, and a glass of wine. We should all have a girlfriend that we can just hang with and be able to let our guard down with. Ya know, like my pal Challice here! We’ve solved many a problem, vented over mom-woes, laughed, giggled, and shared advice for personal dilemmas, all while enjoying a fudgy brownie and some wine. As we are kicked back and relishing our quiet time we are not so concerned with our manners. It may have been another rough day, or week, so we savor every crumb of that chocolatey goodness! Well, except for those crumbs flying out of our mouths as we are laughing or talking over each other excitedly. How unladylike! And what a poor example for the children! Thankfully, the kids are in bed and asleep…if not, we’re going to need some more wine. But despite our brownie filled mumblings, we totally understand each other’s garbled words and just carry on laughing and chatting. Dear Mamma readers, take a moment to appreciate yourself for all your hard work this Mother’s Day. We appreciate you, we appreciate each other in this humbling journey, and we’ll be raising a brownie in toast of you and ourselves as we celebrate motherhood.

From Brownies to Wine

Why wine is necessary, and NOT Martinelli’s cider.  I’ll get to that in a minute. First thing you need to know is that beyond a shadow of a doubt, we are not perfect moms here to tell you what to do and how to do it.  In fact, we’re here to share with you what motherhood is like:  the good, the bad, and the ugly— and we’re moms, we know ugly.  Mother’s day is a day of reflection for me. Reflection of what I am like as a mom, what I want to be as a mom, and where I need to go in order to become what I should be. It’s kind of like a bottle of Martinelli’s and a bottle of wine. Let me tell you the story. Picture a dark evening, one mom walks into another mom’s house. For the sake of friendship each mom will just be named mom 1 and mom 2. Mom 1 waits for Mom 2 to grab the wine while she gets the brownies ready. Mom 1 is a little confused as Mom 2 brings out Martinelli’s cider, but whatever. Maybe she needs something a little less strong; we have had nights like that. Mom 2 consumes one glass and talks about getting a second glass which the statement, “this hasn’t affected me like it usually does.”  Mom 1 is starting to wonder what she is talking about. “Sugar? Is this a blood sugar thing?”  It is only when Mom 2 is pouring a second glass that she realizes she got the Martinelli out and not the bottle of wine. It made for a hilarious tease and unforgettable joke between them. Mom 1 is still planning to leave Martinelli’s on the doorstep of Mom 2’s house some evening.  I hope you enjoyed this story as much as we did.

Have you noticed that motherhood can be like that? Both Martinelli and Wine are good, but we expect ourselves to be the quality of the wine when the Martinelli is just as good and tasty… just not to the par excellence that we want. Instead of enjoying the where we are, knowing we need to grow, we chase after all that we are not: thin enough, hardworking enough, compassionate enough, diligent enough, patient enough, and the list could go on forever.  And that is where my good friend, Rachel comes in. We talk about our imperfections, we encourage and build each other up in our journey, and we laugh and giggle over the antics our kids have done and how they have managed to survive childhood one more week. We remind each other that we are still in the journey. And what is a road trip without girl friends to tag along and share stories over? So this Mother’s Day we are venturing forward and sharing this journey with you! We are celebrating moms all over the world. Because who knew that a bottle of wine, a plate of brownies, and one night every week could bring about such a friendship?

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